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Managing terrain data, different ways of representation, not only technical, of the geographic information are becoming more and more important. The simple technical visualization of data is very often not enough for giving an adequate comprehension from the different kinds of users.

Beside the classical functionalities of GIS, new tools can give ways of interactive and immersive visualization, joining the geometric exactness of the information to a cartographic representation with high artistic and comunicative value, and at the same time the added value of the 3d photorealistic simulation.  

GEOgrafica is a natural meeting point for different professional expertises, in naturalistic, geologic, environmental field, and the new information technologies applied to the study of terrain: digital cartography, GPS, GIS, modelization and 3d landscape simulations.

Scientific expertises are integrated by a pluriennal expertise in the field of traditional and computerized graphics, 2d and 3d, and by a deep knowledge of information technologies, with a particular attention to communication, didactics and multimedia. 

We propose innovative solutions and services aimed to the production of high end cartography and to the interactive and immersive visualization and perception of the terrain and landscape.




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Dal dato alla rappresentazione

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Nella gestione dei dati territoriali, nuove modalità di rappresentazione dell'informazione geografica assumono oggi un'importanza sempre maggiore.

Un punto d'incontro

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GEOgrafica è un naturale punto di incontro tra compentenze professionali in ambito naturalistico, geologico e ambientale, e nuove tecnologie informatiche applicate allo studio del territorio.

GIS e percezione interattiva

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Uno dei nostri principali obbiettivi è trasformare l'analisi GIS "classica" in percezione immersiva ed interattiva del territorio preso in esame.