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Thursday, 06 November 2008 16:25

La 3dNature LLC has selected Marco Gualdrini of GEOgrafica as November Artist of the Month 2008, for his renderings realized with Visual Nature Studio 3.

The presentation page is available here, while a larger gallery of our works is presented here.

The presented renderings are some of the latest applications of Visual Nature Studio 3 to environmental impact analysis and to photorealistic terrain visualization. The new VNS 3 render engine allowed to obtain the virtual views with great simplicity and quickness. Phong shading, Ecosystem Mixing and the possibility to work at a Fractal Depth of 0, while managing high resolution graphical effects, are fundamental elements to optimize the productivity of 3dNature software, that every day is showing to be a basical tool for the production of our services.

We want to thank 3dNature for selecting and put in evidence once more our work!


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